Core Skills and Values for a Lawyer

A good lawyer will possess an enquiring nature. Curiosity drives a person to investigate and ask informative questions. The probing attorney will peel back the layers of a case, asking for more information. Top Law College in Delhi NCR incorporates the necessary skills in the students. A good lawyer asks number of questions and their inquisitive nature will push them to expose that information.

Problem Solving Abilities-

Being a problem solver is one of the core skills of any attorney. Possessing admirable problem solving skills allows the lawyer to find solutions. Problem solving capability goes beyond good ideas and it is a skill that allows the lawyer to think creatively for finding solutions.

Suggestive Reading-

Attorneys need to read a great deal of material when they take on a client. It may be court documents, witness testimony, contracts, case law, or many other things. It is this skill that allows the lawyer to read case material critically.

Writing Skills-

The ability of writing well lays a solid foundation for all the documents a lawyer must write such as arguments, contracts, and legal letters. Written communication is the most important way to distribute and record the information. Clear, succinct writing removes uncertainty.

Conversation/ Articulation Abilities-

Verbal skills also form an important part of the profession. Top Law College in Delhi NCR gears up the students with remarkable verbal skills. An attorney will find it compulsory to shift gears in their verbal communication mode. The words also required to be said in the right manner and at right time.

General Investigation/Research Skills-

Attorneys spend number of hours investigating and researching information for clients. They also must be capable enough to inspect and interview witnesses.

Organization / Management Skills-

Keeping record of all the paperwork demands splendid organizational skills. The lawyer must also possess good time management skills. They will need to stay aware of deadlines, meeting schedules, court dates, and travel schedule. All this formalities require good organization and management skills.

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The multifarious advantages of joining 3 Year LLB programs

Most students in Haryana are ignorant of the fact that they can study law right after school by clearing a simple entrance exam. Therefore, those who miss this chance can opt for postgraduate degree of the 3 year LL.B programs in Haryana. Most students are unaware of 5 year integrated law course called as BA LL.B. Started by the Indian boards, you can study it right after your class 12.

Ironically, many students are unable to decide whether they would want to get into the 5 year long course in the first place. Therefore after graduation the Indian legal studies give these students a chance to get a professional degree of a 3 year LL.B.

The 3 year program

The 3 year LL.B programs in Haryana have been a boon to the Indian students who decide late in their life that they want to pursue a career in law. It gives a chance to the students who had missed out on the 5 year course right after 12 and give them a chance to complete the entire course in duration of 3 years. The degree for both the 3 and 5 years has the same weightage but the advantage for the 3 year course would be that it takes less time and the cost incurred for the course is also very less.

Eligibility for the 3 year program

The eligibility to study the 3 year LL.B program is simply a 3 year graduation degree from a recognized college with 45% marks in aggregate. There is relaxation of the marks for the reserved categories such as SC ST and OBC. Candidates belonging to any stream and with any subject background can opt for this course provided they successfully clear the law entrance examinations specifically held for entry into the best law colleges. Some law colleges like the Geeta Law College in Haryana also offer scholarships to students who come first and second in the entrance exams.

Best colleges in Haryana that offer this course

Some of the best law colleges that offer the 3 year LL.B program at the post graduate level are the Geeta Institute of Law, O. P Jindal Global University, ITM University Gurgaon, Jindal Global Law School Sonepat, Lovely Professional University and many more. All these colleges offer attractive scholarships and have the best in class faculty and facilities for its students. The course may cost between 6 lakhs to 30 thousand rupees for a period of 3 year in all these colleges.

Career prospects after the 3 year program

The career opportunities after the 3 year program is similar to the ones you would have got after the 5 year program. You can expect to be employed in the legal departments of the government as well as the private sectors, the Indian judiciary and the like.

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Benefits of choosing the appropriate college for law education

The Law is a career that requires loads of patience and logical skills. It needs loads of hard work and dedication to become the successful   lawyer. The Law College in Delhi NCR helps the student to team up and enhance their skill by practicing as said: “Practice makes the man perfect “.


Some of the career option for an individual pertaining to study of law from respected college:

  • A practicing advocate
  • Corporate counselor
  • Civil services or judicial services

Mission of Colleges

They emphasizes on imparting quality education in law that meets necessitate of aspiring willing to be a lawyer. They think globally but act locally in order to strive for student’s progress, and preparing students to be leaders in their profession. It aims at adding skills to students that differentiate them personally from others. 


  • In the view of present globalization to  familiarize the students with an initiative of goal of international laws and allowing applicability in day to day transaction, helping students to participate in the profession at the global level
  • Helps in delivering the awareness about their obligation towards the environment and earth as part of their training concept in environmental achievement
  • Providing education and training for beginners caters to needs of various employment opportunities so beginners attain early access with the equal opportunity.
  • Strike toward excellence in all spheres of one’s and collective functionality rising to the higher level of Endeavour and achievements

All these objectives help to facilitate the promotion of research culture between the faculty and the enrolled students. This in turn kindles the spirit of inquisitiveness and sense of reasoning, by informing the norms and decision of valid judgments.

Procedure of admission in respected colleges

The courses offered by law colleges are five years integrated B.A, L.L.B and two years L.L.M. The selection procedures for both the courses  is based on candidate performance in the Eligibility test conducted by the respective college.

Advantage of enrolling in respected college:- 

Job prospects: – There is a surplus of opportunities for a law graduate from a respected college. He or she can practice as an advocate in the court of law or can choose to work with corporate firms. In order to become a judge, an individual must qualify exams conducted by Public service commission.

Demand and supply: – There is a shortage of qualified lawyers in India. The Bar council of India struggling to determine the fact, the young lawyer do not join the Bar. A qualified who has acquired education from the respected college can achieve success and can enhance their skills efficiently.

Market watch: – The main aspect coming into consideration is to expand the scope for legal practice in India and open gates for law firms in abroad. “Studying law at a good institute can make one a vibrant and confident lawyer “


Pursuing a Career after Completing LLB

Obtaining legal education from any topnotch law colleges in NCR can ensure head-start for your career. As soon as you get five-year BA LLB degree in your hand, you can eye plenty of opportunities in and outside India. You can join a recognized legal firm or start your own practice. However, if you decide to go with the latter choice, you would first have to register yourself in the Bar Council of India (BCI) like other law graduates and work under the supervision of senior lawyers in courts. The opportunities are endless, but you need to be focused to carve a perfect path for yourself.


Here is a run-down of the possible opportunities that may excite and interest you and help you to determine your way forward.

Scope of job opportunities
A large number of law graduates are seen to pursue their career as criminal lawyer, legal analyst, document drafting lawyer, civil litigation lawyer, legal journalist, government lawyer, legal advisor, judge and college teacher. Each of these positions comes with specific roles and responsibilities for the candidate. For instance, as a criminal lawyer, you need to have specialization in Evidence Act, IPC and other penal laws. A civil litigation lawyer has to be abreast with taxation laws, excise laws and so on.

As a document drafting lawyer, you have to handle different types of document including agreements, case materials, terms and conditions, etc. Similarly, if you are a legal advisor, your job is more of a consultant and you look after the laws applicable in the area of operation of your clients, who can be a law firm or a corporate company. However, if the idea of working as a legal journalist thrills you more, then you can go ahead in this direction as well. Legal journalists usually report on police beats or crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, and arbitration events.

Places to apply for a job
From the abundant working opportunities that are available for law graduates, it is easy to figure out the places from where you can begin your professional journey. Nevertheless, some suggestions are listed below:

  • Law firms
  • Multinational companies or corporate firms
  • Government agencies
  • Bank or legal departments
  • Litigation firms
  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO) firms

Salary package
There is always a high demand for good lawyers in the market and as a consequence to this, people are willing to spend on them. When you begin practice in a court, your stipend can be anywhere from INR 5000 to INR 40,000. If your advocate is recognized, then you can expect your package to be on a higher side. Similarly, if you join a Legal Process Outsourcing firm, your starting salary can be between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000.

From this, you can comprehend that how lucrative is this profession. Hence, if you wish to make the best out of this field, then first seek admission in any reputed law colleges in NCR and hone your skills. Money and fame will naturally follow.