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Choosing between Work Experience and M. Tech after Completing Graduation

You completed your graduation from the best B Tech college in India and now it’s time to decide whether you should take up a job and get started with your career or do post graduation in M. Tech and then look out for an opportunity. Many students have to pass through this phase after their graduation, so don’t feel guilty about for not being able to take quick decision on this. An ideal way to weigh up both the options though would be to understand what you need most at this moment – financial independence or higher skill set and knowledge. To help you take a concrete step, here is some insight.

Choosing Job over Post-graduation Opportunity in M. Tech

There can be two conditions that drive you closer to this option – 1) money, and 2) indecisiveness on the kind of role you aspire to assume.

If you have your family’s responsibility on you and you don’t have adequate resources at your disposal to pursue higher studies, then doing a job makes sense. With B. Tech degree in hand, there will be no dearth of opportunities for you. You can depend on campus placements. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot do post graduation later. Along with job, you can prepare for GATE. It may call for extra efforts from your end, but if you manage this, your finances as well as your dreams of studying M. Tech, both will be taken care of. And, as you may be aware, after clearing GATE, admission will be easy and you can also look for scholarships.

Coming to the second factor, when you come fresh out of a graduation school, you possess much of theoretical knowledge and less of practical implementation skills.  Due to this, you may not know which engineering field is really cut out for you. But, if you take a year’s break from studies and join work force, you can take stock of your strengths and weaknesses and use this experience to choose your M. Tech field wisely.

Opting for M. Tech right after Graduation….

If you have resources and also a fair idea of what you want to do, then doing M. Tech immediately after passing out from the best B Tech College is a good decision. M.Tech will empower you with specialized skills and knowledge. It will widen the scope of your prospective job opportunities too. And since at this level you work on projects that introduce you to the real work environment, you will know beforehand how to move in your job and what you can expect out of this. In essence, with an M. Tech degree in hand, you will not have to settle with any low key jobs. You will be able to give your inputs in major projects and your knowledge will be appreciated.

So, whatever is your situation, be reasonable with your assessment and take a wise step forward. As such, M. Tech is a specialized degree course and doing it will add value to your professional as well as personal journey.