MBA versus M.Tech – Better Option?


A difference between MBA and M.Tech is very unique. Both the courses have different track where students can walk according to their interest level. M.Tech will surely take students towards engineering line whereas MBA will provide an open career in Business and Management line.

M.Tech College in Haryana

MBA is a non-technical source which secures future of students in industries and no technical knowledge is required. But, on the flip side, M.Tech deals with technical concepts that will take you into deeper engineering concepts and track.

MBA covers fields like Banking, Managements, Finance and Marketing. Moving on, M.Tech inculcates fields like Research, Engineering Equipment and Developments. The employment level and remuneration packages in MBA have an upper hand over M.Tech graduates.


Wide increase in the demand of M.Tech students promotes development in Research and Technology Field. Technical preference has risen among the employers. Everybody look for analytical expertise. M.Tech College in Haryana fosters students with proper concepts and scope of technical era.

On the other side, Talent hunt in MBA is not touching the sky limits because it lacks technical knowledge. But the choice factor entirely depends on the taste of interest of the candidate. If a student loves working in the industry and management sector, then must go for MBA. But others, who believe in technical workouts and a new generation technology, should opt for M.Tech.

How to decide:

Even though, M Tech is the most probable career option after B Tech, a larger percentage of engineering students choose MBA. The choice of MBA is generally seen as a herd mentality and many educationists believe it to be a deviation from the engineering path. M Tech is a specialisation course that allows you to hone your technical skills. Experts are always respected in the big market. Hence, an M Tech degree from M.Tech College in Haryana gives you the vantage of in-depth technical knowledge over your MBA counterparts.

While both these career options are stable and rewarding, current trends indicate that students prefer MBA over MTech. An MBA degree gives students a chance to build a promising foundation for their career. The difficulty level and inflexibility associated with an M.Tech degree also adds to the popularity of MBA in the student community.

Even MBA has a flip side. MBA takes you away from your core competencies. As an MBA with an engineering degree you might never be involved with the actual designing of the product and might only be responsible for the overall project.

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Why to do M.Tech?

Do I really need to do M.Tech or find a job? Spare some time after the degree, learn some professional course and start looking for a job. What shall I do? These are some of the common questions that almost every final year engineering student has in mind.


M.Tech College in Haryana plays a significant role in finding a job to compete with top candidates in Microsoft or Google. First and foremost thing that is important in M.Tech is to avoid mistakes that we did in B.Tech. The student should work on increasing the percentage to make it high enough for any company.

The most vital benefit of doing M.Tech is that you get time to think where things are moving and also how to control them. Knowing the errors that you committed during B.Tech can thus be avoided and recovered. The second advantage of enrolling in M.Tech is that you add a value to education which will further reap benefits in the long run. As we are moving forward in life our learning qualifications are becoming more and more imperative.

The third boon is that you will get more knowledge and enlightenment about the subjects because you are grown-up enough to understand these subjects. The fourth benefit is you will have good friends, alumni circle that are similar to you and trying vigorously to move ahead in life. M.Tech College in Haryana aims to settle all of its students in high positions in future, their contacts may be good enough for you to start new projects and help many.

There are lots of other advantages of doing a post graduate degree. But there may be many social conditions and problems that may put off you from doing master degree. Everyone knows their situation better than others and can make finest decisions based on that. Some can push their plans of having a master degree little later and earn few years of experience before. Wish you all a great luck in your future endeavours.