Engineering Education


Finished your 12th standard and are interested to enrol in an engineering degree. Perplexed about which college and which branch of engineering to choose? This is the toughest and simultaneously, the most important decision of your life.


If you study in a good college, all branches have “scope”.

There are good opportunities and well-paying jobs in all areas, including engineering, and civil engineering. If you study in an awful college, a good branch is not going to reap benefits. The reputation of college matters a lot. In addition to this, nobody actually knows which branch will have the most “scope” 10 years from now. Engineering college in Haryana is equipped with distinguished faculty, laboratories and digital libraries to offer a rising platform to all the students.

From my viewpoint, success in life is not simply about academic acquaintance. It is also about a vivid variety of other factors –“exposure and relation”. This involves many more things – like interactions with industry, other non-academic activities that you indulge in, seeing the various fascinating things that people are doing in the city, opportunities of getting mixed up in various initiatives. So to paraphrase, city or location of a college always matters. Staying in a hostel or as a paying guest with your classmates will instil self confidence in a student. Not only this, it will also propel you into the real world, provide you some maturity, and the capability to deal with all kinds of problems that you need to deal with, when you are staying away from your parents or home. This is a significant part of your education at this stage.

What branch the student is interested in, is irrelevant.

If a 12th standard student says that, “I am keen to know more and more about Computers. I don’t like Mechanical.” You are in a stage where you don’t have any idea or clue what any specific stream involves. If for a particular field, number of colleges in the country is providing engineering degrees in that field, then for sure that field has attention-grabbing work going on all over the world. And if you still find that field boring, then, the perhaps you have been taught that subject by a bad teacher. My opinion is this: any subject that you find very fascinating was probably taught to you by a good teacher. Engineering College in Haryana assures that a good professor in any branch can make the branch come alive for you.

In a nut shell if you are getting a not-so-good branch in a very good college, vs. a good branch in a not-so-good college, you should definitely choose the not-so-good branch in the very good college.


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