Engineering Education


B.Tech College in Haryana has experimented different teaching techniques in order to find an efficient way to reach their students. According to several education experts, explaining each and every lesson is not the perfect method of instruction.


Research is overrated and teaching is undervalued

Many institutions focus their time and energy on research and publication in order to develop teaching competency and ability which cannot be neglected. With proper administration and faculty, this equilibrium can be maintained.

Less theory, more pragmatic approach

Engineering is one of the most practical disciplines; Engineers are essential in various facets of contemporary society. In addition to this, solving tricky and complicated issues can be an amazingly rewarding experience! So one should have an art to tune their students into lectures and devote the effort into making the most out of the learning experience.

Refine your teaching style

The main step of re-engineering your teaching style is to inspect yourself in the classroom. Anonymous feedback from students is used to measure whether your teaching style is effective or not. This process will disclose your weak points which may later be improved.

Rejuvenate students with modern teaching practices

Demanding more resources will leave you in vain. Maintain good alliances with fellow workers. Encouraging students towards the use of innovative applications and software’s reveals your passion not only for your subject but your keenness for the modern applications.

Construct lessons useful for future

Engineering College in Haryana emphasis on active learning and team based learning techniques. Such methods promote essential abilities required for engineering students. Team spirit is the most integral part in this era to beat the growing rat race.

Know your students and their lives

Motivate students to attend office hours and to move out for help. Aware students about asking for help goes a long way in helping students help themselves. Confidence and vigour in teaching tedious material transmits the same level of confidence in students so that they feel easy in figuring out difficult tasks together.


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