Hotel Management

Hotel Management College in Haryana – Your Guide to Becoming a Chef

Do you find yourself enjoying the aroma of great food? Look forward to experiment with new dishes and exotic ingredients? Are you particular about the aesthetics of your culinary creations? If the answer to all the above questions was a “Yes”, then chances are you may fit right into the profession of being a chef.


The food industry has significantly grown, especially in urban India over the last few years. Being a chef is a rather respected profession to be in. Still not sure?

Consider the following :

  • What does it take to be a Star Chef?
    Getting into a good hotel management college in Haryana is just the first step to your career growth as a chef. In addition to your academic decisions, you also need to work on developing a personality and some skills that help you find success in this field. Here is a list of traits that star chefs today are made of –
  • An ability to learn the tricks of the trade to the point of perfection
  • A knack for cleanliness
  • A flair for food and the passion to experiment
  • A keen sense in smell and taste
  • A unique intuition in the mixing of flavours
  • Determination and grit
  • Willingness to work long hours
  • A great memory to remember exotic and complicated recipes

What is the Role of a Chef?
You may be influenced by all the great food shows and movies that have become integral to pop culture these days. However, becoming a great chef involves taking on a more multi-dimensional role than just knowing how to chop your veggies the right way.

  • The core responsibility of a chef is to create recipes and to prepare the meals. You need to be well versed to dishes across a variety of courses including soups, salads, appetisers, snacks, main dishes, side orders as well as desserts.
  • Depending on the career growth path you venture on, you can soon be promoted to higher positions where you are given the responsibility to organize the kitchen, lead the staff and also plan the menu you will serve every day.
  • In addition to this, you will need to master how to determine serving sizes, supervising kitchen operations and the art of planning your food supply orders.

Training to be a Chef
The first option to become a chef is to enrol in a hotel management college in Haryana or anywhere in India that is of repute. Most of these courses are 4 years long however, some institutes offer 3-year diploma courses. Some students also chose to train with a renowned institute abroad. The biggest benefit of studying with a reputed college in India is that you can take advantage of their campus placement and get a head-start to your career as a chef right from the time you graduate. Campus placements allow you to command a higher remuneration and also open doors to working with better industry brands.


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