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If you want to become a law graduate, there are essentially two routes that are available for you. One is to take up the 5 year integrated BA LLB (Hons) in Delhi NCR or to take up 3 years LLB after completing graduation in any stream. Here we are comparing the two options so that the takers can make an informed decision.



Both these courses lead to a law degree eventually but LLB after graduation takes in all 6 years; therefore many students opt for integrated BA LLB to save 1 year.

Worry of choosing the course again

Usually the students have to face two dilemmas; the first one is when one has to choose an option after 12th. The second dilemma comes after completion of the Graduate course. So a big advantage of getting into a 5 year integrated BA LLB (Hons) in Delhi NCR course is that one is free from the worry of choosing a college and course again after 3 years. This is not the case with those who are doing a normal graduation course.

Availability of seats in reputed College/ University

There are many reputed National Law Universities that offer only integrated BA LLB course and then LLM or PG Diploma courses. So there are many seats for 5 years Integrated Course. Other than NLU’s many other universities like Punjab University, AMU, IP University Delhi, etc also offer BA LLB Course.

On the other hand LLB is offered at many prestigious central and state universities like Delhi University, Punjab University, BHU, Government law College Mumbai, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Dr Harisingh Gaur University, MP, Indian Law Society’s Law College in Pune, Punjabi University, Rajasthan University, Law college Dehradun etc.


As far as syllabus is concerned since BA LLB is integrated course the students study law papers right from the first semester onwards like Law of Torts, Consumer Protection Laws, Law of contract etc. These law related papers and English is compulsory but the students can choose papers form Political science, History, economics, sociology etc. In the second semester they study Jurisprudence and Special contracts. Like that in every semester there are some papers from the Law field. After 3 years, that is 7th semester onwards the BA papers are taken as major and minor and there are other papers of law like Business law, international law etc.

As far as syllabus of LLB is concerned the students takes up LLB after they have already completed their graduation and the course only includes courses from law Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Law of contracts, Family Law , Law of crimes etc. Both the courses include summer training and also the students attend court.


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