Engineering Education

How to choose best Engineering college in Haryana?

Haryana is a northern state of India, established in 1966. The province is one of the leading manufacturers of food grain and milk, and has experienced enormous increase in agricultural and manufacturing industry in the last 3 decades. The Haryana state has many famous educational institutions offering education in the areas of Engineering, Architecture.


The state of Haryana being closer to Delhi, the capital of India, has produced great forward motion along the industrial front. Cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad in Delhi-NCR have almost transformed into the software/IT and manufacturing hub. Consequently, to provide to the demands of the booming industry, many engineering colleges have come up.

There are roughly 150 engineering colleges/institutes in the nation out of which only half dozen are in government sector. The comfort zone for students still comes under the private sector category. A total of 85% seats in the Govt as well as Pvt institutes are reserved for Haryana state candidates, whereas the 15% are reserved for the outside candidates of other areas. The criteria of admission for both the categories are their AIEEE rank.

Admission procedure

The students who are interested in studying in the top engineering colleges of Haryana have to clear JEE Main exam. Access in some private university and colleges is also performed along the basis of class 12th marks and self entrance exam. You will get more information on college profile.

Get suggestions from people you trust:

When you are in the stage of picking out a college for you, there may be scores of phone calls, messages and people to draw you to some specific college. They may claim to be the best Engineering college in Haryana. Considerably, it is better to keep distance with such colleges, and confide on the ones whom you trust the most.

Consultations from your teachers, industry experts, your parents, elders, etc would be worthwhile in this context. Their practical experience will be helpful in enabling you make the right decision. The fact that they had already been through the same phase decades back, could help you further in your endeavour.


When it comes to choosing a perfect university or college, most of the students just look at the placements offered by the college. Although, it is one of the metrics to measure the success of a college, but it still does not spill all the beans about the college and its education standard.


A fully air-conditioned academic building is a self contained academic complex comprising lecture halls, tutorial rooms, and seminar halls. Make sure that the colleges have laboratories equipped with all multimedia projection aids like LCD projection, laptops. Lush green lawns, water coolers with RO purification and clean rooms further add to the beauty & value of the campus of these colleges in Haryana.


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