How to crack MBA: Effective Tips and tricks

One of the most demanding and scope full post graduation course chosen by every second graduate is MBA. After completing the Bachelor’s in any dimension, aspirants apply for the MBA program from the specific and dedicated colleges. The selection process involves a common entrance exam held every year. The scores in the exam hence determine the college accordingly. Therefore, students from all streams aim towards scoring a good percentile in the entrance exams to get through a reputed college.


The exam is an assessment of skills and knowledge about the basics from mathematics to problem solving riddles. It is one of the most acknowledged exams considered by the top government and private institutions of MBA in India. The computer based standardized exam is called CAT (common admission test). It is held jointly by the most reputable government organization in India. Done on a rotational basis, exam dates are declared in August every year.

Common admission Test

CAT is known to be the most acknowledged exam held in the country. More than 2 lakhs students sit for this test to compete for 1550+ seats across top MBA institutes in India like Haryana, Delhi, Mumbai, and many other states. The pattern of the test is divided in three sections to evaluate a certain sets of knowledge and skills. The three sections are namely, quantitative aptitude (QA) having 34 questions, data interpretation and logical reasoning (DILR) containing 32 questions and Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC) having 34 questions.

With duration of 180 minutes for 100 questions, the three sections have separate scale. Scoring high in one section does not determine a high percentage overall. The applicant has to score good in all three sections equally. Over last few years, the number of students applying to sit for the exam has increased. Therefore, the government has also planned to increase the number of seats offered to the high scorers.

Types and streams in MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) has many specializations like finance, HR, IT, sales and marketing and retail to name a few. Moreover, there are types of MBA offered to students depending on certain criteria, the most common being two years full time MBA program. Others include:

  • Distance LEARNING MBA
  • Dual MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Accelerated MBA

Students have options to choose from the top MBA institutes in Haryana and other states across the country.  In addition, there is a preset guideline issued by the institutes for the students applying for the course. After falling under the cutoff of the colleges, the next step is an interview test. The interview test may include written test and group discussion to assess their abilities and skills. The course structure designed by the experts for the MBA programs is mostly practical in forms of presentations and less on theoretical side. It builds an interest among the students pursuing the subjects and hence gives them a better understanding of the same.


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