Hotel Management

It is indeed worth taking admission in a hotel management college in Haryana

Today, Engineering and medical are the best career opportunities but with the change in hospitalization industry, the hotel management has become the lucrative career opportunity for students. One can acquire this education via any formal education, which needs a degree in Hotel Management and experience in the same field. The Hotel management degree requires 3 years of an academic period to cover up all the theory along with the training session in mid-semester.


This prepares a candidate to qualify the higher lever in specialized fields like business accounting, food and beverages servicers, accommodation, human resources, room service, front office manager and marketing hospitality. The responsibilities of students in the hotel industry are customer services, hotel supplies, food quality, and catering.

Management students’ responsibilities

Some other responsibilities of the management include

  • Scheduling
  • Conference planning
  • Personal attendant
  • Food services
  • laundry

Hence, the manager of the hotel plays a great role in the hotel’s reputation and name by doing his job more efficiently. Additionally, the hotel sector includes a lot of glamour and well-dressed up employees that attracts the students to choose this management as a career.

The facilities provided to the employees of the hotel

Apart from the job responsibilities, the hotel management staff offers with great facilities to enjoy. These facilities are such as discount rates in lodging facilities and traveling. The hotel management college in Haryana offers the great future to the students to achieve higher destination and earning lot of salary. The managerial positions in the hotels include various works from housekeepers to front office managers, food and beverages managers, and convention services manager. Many hotel management colleges in Haryana offer various courses in hotel management bringing the bright future to the students to learn and earn in most comfortable and efficient way.

Job responsibilities

Initially, the student has to do the dishes; it may be hectic work to do but for the trainees from various colleges have to do these jobs as basic training. This job also requires a lot of patience, good communication skills, energy, and quick wittedness to handle the difficult situations and customers. As the hotel industry is open 24*7, thus, there is no specific time to work; people may have to work in shifts.

Time duration to complete the course

  • The Associate Degree in Hotel Management takes 18 months to complete the degree from standard hotel management colleges.
  • A Bachelor of Hotel Management degree is suitable for people who have already established their career in Hotel industry and seeks enhancement.
  • The Master of Hotel Management degree offers marketing entrepreneurship, information system management, and operation management. The MHM degree surely facilitates the students appearing for and gaining a higher level in hotel management industry.
  • The Master in Science degree course duration is 12 to 18 months, which allow hotel management students to explore additional career as a research and academic settings.

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