Hotel Management

Top Skills you need to Do Well as a Hospitality Professional

Finding success in the increasingly competitive world of hospitality has more to do than just to graduate from a top hotel management college in the country. During your academic years and eventually through your work experience, you will be expected to develop some skill sets that can act as your key to doors of success and growth.


Here are some of the top skills that professors from hotel management colleges in NCR insist students develop for long term success –

  • Customer Service and Relationship Building Skills

You already know that the hospitality industry is all about people. Considered to be among the most service oriented industry sector, how satisfied your customer is entirely depends on your personal ability to build a positive relationship with them. It is up to you to make sure that your guests have a wonderful time, have no reason to complain when they are availing the services at your hotel or restaurant. Good customer service aims at meeting all your customer’s expectations, sending them back happy with the goal of passing on positive feedback about your business. This may often require significant patience, because even the most unreasonable customer is at the end of the day, always right.

  • Picking up Language Skills

This is a rather underrated skill that many hospitality students in India choose to overlook. As a part of your profession, you will end up meeting a number of different people from different parts of the country and from around the world. Having the right language skills will allow you to interact with your customers who speak different languages, and build relationships with more people. Furthermore, being multilingual will also open doors to international postings.

  • Communication Skills

If written as well as verbal communications isn’t your strong point, you will have to work harder to make sure that it becomes one. In the hospitality sector, communication is key. Even if you are not in a front office position, but are working as a chef, your ability to communicate with your teammates will contribute to how efficiently it functions. As front office personnel, you should be able to address the needs of your customers verbally as well as via email. Any form miscommunication can cost your company its brand image.

  • Financial Management

Regardless of the department you are working with, you will need to build proficiency in your financial management capabilities. You will need to understand cash flow, tax liabilities, profitability and other things to make sure you can contribute to the successful running of the hospitality business. Especially if you are working for a boutique hotel, mom and pop restaurant or a smaller establishment, you may need to be the jack of all trades in your profession.

Finally, you will need to develop significant cultural awareness that allows you to effectively interact with people from around the world. You need to have understanding of different cultures and behaviours to be able to do well in this industry sector. You need to be sensitive to traditions from around the world so as not to unknowingly offend a customer.


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