Hotel Management

Top Reasons to Consider a Career in Hospitality

With the business and leisure travel market growing every year, one industry that has been able to benefit from this consumer pattern is hospitality. If you are unsure about taking up hotel management as an academic vocation eventually as a profession, the following reasons should convince you otherwise –


  • Exciting Opportunities

Domestic as well as international tourism in India is on the rise. This means that there has been an insurmountable growth of big hotel chains, boutique hotels and even independent homestays looking for a helping hand to offer great service to their customers. After graduating from a reputed institute of hotel management, you will be flooded with offers from all kinds of hospitality establishments. Furthermore, there is also a rise in medical tourism among various other forms of travel, allowing you to find job opportunities in even lesser known places such as hospitals, cruise liners and more.

  • Globally Recognized Certifications

Hotel management as a degree is constantly in demand around the world. After graduation, many students are able to find jobs with Indian hotel chains functioning abroad or international chains that hire for openings in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Studying hospitality can give you an edge over competition, allowing you to follow your dream of relocating abroad in the long run.

  • Living the Life of Style and Travel

Hotels are not the only option to consider after completing your hospitality degree in India. A number of airlines and cruise ships are also hiring hospitality graduates for the skills that they develop through their study. If you are able to find a job with a reputed airline or cruise liner, you will be opening doors to significant travel to countries around the world. You will also be able to enjoy a chance of exposure to a luxurious way of life that people otherwise have to pay in thousands to enjoy.

  • Flexibility in Working Hours

While most people have the wrong notion of long working hours and early burnout in the field of hospitality, the fact remains that you as an individual have a choice to select your working hours and how you want to lead your professional life. For example, you could choose to start your own home based catering business on your own terms or work in a more demanding environment if you wish to put in the hours for added experience. There is something for everyone with a hospitality degree under their sleeve. You may also be able to find seasonal jobs that few other industries offer. For example, your agency may choose to relocate you abroad during peak tourist season while you have the freedom to work fewer hours during the rest of the year. You may also be able to find extra jobs during the wedding season in India and take it easy during the rest of the year.

Finally, your education also allows you room to earn some specialized business skills in marketing, logistics, finance, human resources, etc. allowing you to explore a wider range of career options in the future.


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