Engineering Education

Preparing for the GATE exams to Get into a Good Engineering Course

You want to get admission to the best engineering college in Haryana but are worried about your GATE preparations. Don’t stress yourself too much over this because right now you need to be focused and methodical in your approach. You need to make a proper strategy so that you can do well in this critical examination. To get going, you first have to collect information on the eligibility criteria for the test, exam pattern, new syllabus, how to apply, etc. After this, your focus should be on preparing for subjects that feature in the engineering field you intend to pursue. Here are some quick guidelines on how to prepare.

Preparation Tips for the GATE Exams

To begin with, identify the subjects and the topics you have to prepare for. For instance, here is a list that may come in handy if you are appearing for the Mechanical Engineering GATE exam:

  • Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermo Dynamics
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Theory of Machines
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • English and Reasoning and Aptitude

Once the list of subjects is ready, get started with thermal subjects like heat transfer, thermodynamics, etc. As soon as these parts are covered, you can move on to fluid mechanics. When you reach midway of the syllabus, begin practicing mathematics along with aptitude skills. Meanwhile, do make an action plan for other subjects as well so that you don’t lose out on time.

For a rock-solid preparation, go through the right reference books. You can ask your friends or search online to identify the right books. Nevertheless, some well-known references are being listed here also.

  • Industrial Engineering by O P Khanna, Buffa and Sarin
  • Theory of machines by Ratan
  • Heat and Mass Transfer by J P Hollman and R C Sachdeva
  • Thermodyanmics by Cengel

It is advisable that you give three to four hours daily for your studies. If you do this dedicatedly, your task will become easy and you will be able to cover your exam syllabus pretty fast.

Do not try to eliminate anything from your list of preparation on the assumption that it is less important. The competitive examinations are unpredictable in nature and can give anything from anywhere.

After one round of study, keep some time for revision also. This will increase your confidence in the subject and by chance if you had missed out something during your first round of preparation, you would be able to throw a glance at that in this stage.

While the preparation is on, you can also organize an interactive session with your friends to discuss crucial points or to exchange some valuable points. At the same time, you can also look for question papers from last year to get a hang of the pattern. Along with this, take opinions from the experts online. Go through relevant blogs and articles to gain more knowledge of the subjects.

When your preparation is done, you can take mock tests and see where you stand. Don’t be disappointed if results were not good there. Instead, use this as an opportunity to improve your weak areas.

Do these and other such things that can prove useful in your GATE exam preparations. It’s just a matter of time. Once you pass this test, your admission in a reputed engineering college in Haryana will be easy.


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