Pursuing a Career after Completing LLB

Obtaining legal education from any topnotch law colleges in NCR can ensure head-start for your career. As soon as you get five-year BA LLB degree in your hand, you can eye plenty of opportunities in and outside India. You can join a recognized legal firm or start your own practice. However, if you decide to go with the latter choice, you would first have to register yourself in the Bar Council of India (BCI) like other law graduates and work under the supervision of senior lawyers in courts. The opportunities are endless, but you need to be focused to carve a perfect path for yourself.


Here is a run-down of the possible opportunities that may excite and interest you and help you to determine your way forward.

Scope of job opportunities
A large number of law graduates are seen to pursue their career as criminal lawyer, legal analyst, document drafting lawyer, civil litigation lawyer, legal journalist, government lawyer, legal advisor, judge and college teacher. Each of these positions comes with specific roles and responsibilities for the candidate. For instance, as a criminal lawyer, you need to have specialization in Evidence Act, IPC and other penal laws. A civil litigation lawyer has to be abreast with taxation laws, excise laws and so on.

As a document drafting lawyer, you have to handle different types of document including agreements, case materials, terms and conditions, etc. Similarly, if you are a legal advisor, your job is more of a consultant and you look after the laws applicable in the area of operation of your clients, who can be a law firm or a corporate company. However, if the idea of working as a legal journalist thrills you more, then you can go ahead in this direction as well. Legal journalists usually report on police beats or crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, and arbitration events.

Places to apply for a job
From the abundant working opportunities that are available for law graduates, it is easy to figure out the places from where you can begin your professional journey. Nevertheless, some suggestions are listed below:

  • Law firms
  • Multinational companies or corporate firms
  • Government agencies
  • Bank or legal departments
  • Litigation firms
  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO) firms

Salary package
There is always a high demand for good lawyers in the market and as a consequence to this, people are willing to spend on them. When you begin practice in a court, your stipend can be anywhere from INR 5000 to INR 40,000. If your advocate is recognized, then you can expect your package to be on a higher side. Similarly, if you join a Legal Process Outsourcing firm, your starting salary can be between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000.

From this, you can comprehend that how lucrative is this profession. Hence, if you wish to make the best out of this field, then first seek admission in any reputed law colleges in NCR and hone your skills. Money and fame will naturally follow.


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