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Understanding the Difference between a BA LLB and an LLB Program

If you wish to become a law graduate in India, there are typically two routes for you to choose from. The first one is to enrol for a 5-year integrated BA LLB program with one of the top law colleges in India or the second one is to take up a 3 year LLB course after you have finished graduating from a stream of your choice.


Not sure about which is the right path for you? Here is a basic comparison that will help you decide –

  • Duration of the Course
    While both these approaches will eventually lead to a law degree, pursuing your LLB after graduation can take you 6 years while pursuing a BA LLB allows you to save a year.
  • Earning a Bachelor’s Degree
    The integrated course is ideal for those students who are sure that they intend to pursue law in the long run. Law colleges in India that offer the BA LLB course typically do not offer the option of you opting out of the course after completing 3 years. Once you enrol for the integrated program, you need to complete it to earn a degree. On the other hand, if you are unsure about your future goals, it is ideal to spend three years earning a degree and then pursuing law if you find yourself still interested in that career option.
  • Getting a Head-Start
    If you wish to get a head-start in the field of law and are sure about your academic and professional goals, the BA LLB program allows you to pick up that option right after you have completed your 12th. Graduating from any other stream that takes 3-4 years puts you in another dilemma of what to study further after graduation. However, your decision entirely depends on how sure you are about pursuing law as a career option.
  • Availability of Seats
    There are a host of National Law Universities offering BA LLB programs in addition to LLM and PG Diploma courses. The number of seats available for the integrated law program is typically more than the 3-year LLB program. That said, there are a number of prestigious central and state universities offering the non-integrated LLB program as well.
  • The Curriculum
    Since the BA LLB is an integrated course, students end up studying various subjects in law right from their first semester. In addition to this, students have the freedom to choose from subjects such as sociology, economics, history and political science. The non-integrated 3-year LLB begins after a student has completed graduation and the program offers highly specific subjects related to law such as law of contracts, family law, law of crimes, law of jurisprudence, etc. Both the courses offer summer training and opportunities for the students to attend court.

At the end of the 5-year course a student gets two degrees – the BA degree along with the LLB degree. The 3-year course awards students only the LLB degree since students who have enrolled have already completed their graduation.


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