Engineering Education

How to Ace your First Job after Graduating from Mechanical Engineering

In order to become a successful mechanical engineer, only passing from the best engineering college in India is not enough. There is something beyond being good at math as well as science. Whether you have done your graduating in engineering recently or have been working for a long time now, there are a handful of tips, which can give a boost to your existing status. Some of the options are as follows:

Your thought process should be that of a businessman

While this may sound a bit counter intuitive, but then, the reality is that engineering companies prefer hiring people who think like business professionals. They are keen on hiring engineers who have been engaged with planning and strategy and have a good hold on income statements and balance. Young engineering professionals should know how the overall expenses may affect a company’s decision.

 Think beyond your decision

You may have gone to the best engineering college in India for studying mechanical engineering but then things may still be difficult for you. Today’s complicated products generally contain software and associated electronic components; hence, there will be situations when design professionals will confront you that fall outside of your technical expertise. Hence, you should have a sound knowledge about relevant specialties.

Team Player

Professional engineering engages collaboration amidst several disciplines which should come together to resolve complicated problems and formulate solutions for bringing products to a market. Hence, we can say that communication skills are as significant as technical expertise.

Obey the Rules

Academia generally rewards those who have a free mindset. The same rule of thumb is applicable if you are into an industry. But then, in the latter case you need to abide by some design processes and best strategies. Make sure you follow the code of conduct and value of your employer.

Be part of the improvement pipeline

Make sure you are open to new and innovative ideas. At the end of the day, your company will look forward to pioneering ideas, irrespective of where they originated.

The Boss Factor

Though a bit difficult, but then engineers are usually intimated by managers who are given the power to promote, hire and fire. In fact, a good manager is one who wants his or her employees to be successful.

The University Connection

Make sure you are in touch with your alma mater. For this, you will have to be a part of technical societies to improve your networking reach. If you write technical papers or organize technical sessions at an association conference then it will improve your experience as well as the reputation of your company.

 Learning is a Continuous Process

 This is indeed a viable step as the tools used for product designing as well as analysis are consistently improving and changing. You need to stay ahead of the group and look for new opportunities as well as assignments. This sort of an approach will help you learn new technologies, sign up for training sessions and much more.

 Get Involved

 It is significant for engineers to network as well as establish relationships while attending professional events.


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