How to Ace your Placements as a BBA Student?

Completed your BBA degree from a top BBA college in Haryana? Looking for a job in the relevant field? Well, the first step that will help you grab a good job is a well-chalked out resume. You need to submit a clean resume to the interviewer or HR.

After all, your resume will represent you and it has to be a flawless one. But then, it isn’t the only way to get into a company, rather it is the first step that will help you land a good job. It will help you get a proper interview call. Hence, make sure your resume is simple to understand.

What to Consider While Preparing a Resume?

You may have passed from a top BBA college in Haryana, but despite this fact you are not able to get through a good company. One of the potential reasons is that there is something lacking in your resume.

  • The first thing that you should see is that it isn’t too fancy. Keep it simple; use traditional font and maintain it throughout your C.V. You can however alter the font size to focus the heading.
  • Start the resume with your name and other significant details. The interviewer should not face any trouble in finding your name and other essential details. Keep your name in bold; you may also use another font for the same.
  • Formatting is yet another aspect that you need to pay attention to. Your resume should be adequately formatted and should not disturb the interviewer’s eyes. Instead, the resume should be clear and the interviewer should be able to process the details easily.
  • Try a logical format and make sure that the different sections are segregated properly. You may also use margins to give a comprehensible touch to it. Make sure not to add summary, career objective, activities and special interests in your resume as they are nothing but fillers.
  • Make sure to place the latest degree on the top and mention all you have studied so far from 10th standard to your post graduate or even higher. Also add if you have studied a diploma or certified course. Last; but not the least proofread your resume several times, look for errors and get them fixed at the earliest.

Dress Code

Make sure you don’t wear casual attires for your interview. Always stick to formals. It is one of the major interview etiquette that the interviewer will look for.

HR Interview

Some of the basic etiquettes that you need to follow during your HR interview are as follows:

  • Be polite to the interviewer Listen carefully and then answer
  • Be confident and well prepared
  • Smile and be positive
  • Talk technically to techies
  • Avoid discussing pay at the beginning of the interview

Attending the job interviewing process is indeed a challenging endeavor. Make sure you are well-prepared with the basics and handle the session confidently. With the best efforts on your part, you are sure to grab your dream job soon. Go for it today.


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