Tips to Prepare for Engineering Entrance Exam

In India, engineering is one of the most opted for courses yet it is also one of the toughest to get into. In spite of the level of difficulty, students try very hard to get through the numerous engineering entrance exams which are conducted for admission to top engineering colleges all over the country. While not every aspirant can get through an IIT, it is important to put one’s best foot forward. Here are some important tips to remember when preparing for admission to an engineering college in Haryana.

Have a Time Table
Since preparation for engineering entrance exams require you to put in 16- 18 hours every day, it is very important to have a time table and stick to it, otherwise you may end up studying too much or too little. Make a proper schedule and follow it diligently to be able to prepare well while getting the required breaks and time for other things.

Seek Help when Needed
The syllabi for the engineering entrance tests are huge and it is often not possible for a student to understand everything on his own. Whenever you encounter a difficult concept you don’t understand, you must seek help or guidance from a teacher or instructor to help you clear your doubts. There are coaching institutes that help students better prepare for these entrance exams. You may consider getting enrolled at one if you find studying on your own difficult.

Avoid Rote Learning
While you do need to memorize things like formulae for other things you must focus on clearing your concepts rather than mugging up. Having a clear idea and understanding of subjects and concepts will help you do better rather than blindly rote learning.

Make Notes
For every chapter you study, make a note of important formulae and other important things that will come in handy for quick revision. Having such a list or note for each chapter will help you remember the important things more easily.

Solve Sample papers
Although question patterns for engineering entrance exams may change any time, it cannot do any harm to practise past years’ papers. This will let you gauge and understand the exam pattern and the type of question you can expect at the exam. Sample papers are a great way of strengthening your knowledge of each chapter.

Mock Tests
Once you are confident of what you have learned, you can start taking mock tests. There are mock test papers available both in the market and online that can be utilized to test what you’ve learned. You can not only track your score and your skill through mock tests but also become better at time management and eliminate the fear of exams.

When you’re preparing to get into the best engineering college in Haryana, it is most important to remain positive always and not get flustered or agitated. Preparing well and staying calm and composed will not only help you remember what you have learned but also let you achieve your target more easily.


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