Engineering Education

Engineering Colleges in Haryana

Engineering has been the first priority of every parent. In earlier times the dream of every parent was to make their child as either an Engineer or a Doctor. Hence Engineering was considered as a very reputed and well recognized Degree. Though the time has changed but still it had remained ineffective in changing the thinking process of the parents. In earlier times, the children were unaware about their own dreams. But now the children are well focused regarding what they have to do and from where they have to do the same. The parents just give their glimpse of guidance to their children, but the decision to choose their course is solely given to the children. They are free to choose whichever course required as per their field of interest. Majority are focused for Engineering. Engineering is a four years course after class 12th or a three years course for the students who have done polytechnic or Diploma. The Polytechnic students can directly get the admission in the second year of Engineering through lateral entry. Engineering Course involves various degree including Polytechnic Course, B-Tech Degree (Bachelors of Technology) and M-Tech Degree (Masters of Technology). Engineering is further divided into various disciplinary areas .It includes Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communications Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology Engineering and Civil Engineering. Based on the field of interest of the students, they can select their own way of Engineering.

Engineering College in Haryana

After selecting the course of their interest, they are set on the path to select their institute. Discussing specifically about Haryana, Haryana is rich in a number of institutes that provide Engineering Education. One of such is Geeta Engineering College. It has been established since many years and has been ranked as one of the Best Engineering college in Haryana to provide Engineering. The institute is very keen to provide the quality education to the students and to provide the best possible facilities to the students. The students are given an environment which is Wi-Fi enabled. Keeping in view of the comfort of the students the transportation facility is provided to nearby areas including Delhi, Sonepat, Samalkha, Gohana, Karnal and other adjacent areas and the hostel facility is provided to the other students who are farther from their home place. The students consider the institute as their second home. There are students from different background, different locations and different cultures. The institute helps the students to live as a single family where all are welcomed with their own beliefs. In fact all the festivals and religious beliefs are given equal importance and respect. There are students from different parts of India including Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, New Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, West Bengal and other areas of India. There are students from Nepal and Bhutan as well. The students are given motivation to bring out their hidden talents and to explore themselves. The motto of the institute is just to create a well known recognition of the students of the institute.


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